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Travel Rules

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PONTINA NAVIGATIONE SRL, later identified as “The Company”, takes on passengers and their luggage, in accordance with this Regulation of Transport, whose conditions are considered known and accepted in full by anyone who purchases or uses the Company’s passage ticket . The Transport Regulations is available to users at the offices and the ticket office of the Company, as well as at the Headquarters of the edge. Rates, schedules, routes, and other conditions described herein may be modified, as per the general conditions of the contract of carriage.

tickets have no value of the invoice. Passengers interested in obtaining the ticket invoice value must make an explicit request at the time of ticket purchase by communicating their personal and fiscal data.

It is not expected to be issued the duplicate according to the Regulation of the shipping company, and according to current regulations;

The passage ticket is personal, not transferable and is only valid for the transport specified thereon. The passenger must diligently keep the contract / business to justify their right to travel and to show it to any official of the ship or officer of the Company who request it. The unused ticket before the date of issue becomes void without the right to reimbursement; rates are those in effect at the time of issue; tickets bearing abrasion and / or corrections are considered void.

The cancellation of the reservation must be sent to the offices of the company and is subject to the following penalties:

10% up to 15 days before departure
30% up to 7 days before departure
50% up to 2 days before departure.

The cancellations received after this time limit will not give right to any refund. No refund to those who do not show up, as well as to those who communicates partial cancellations only at the time of embarkation. No refund is due for bookings not canceled.

It is granted free passage without the right of the seat, for children younger than 2 years. From 2 to 10 years, tariff reduction of 50%. The ages of the children has to be documented. After the issuance of the tickets can not be granted any reduction children. Children under 10 years must be kept under the supervision of parents and / or adults who have them in custody and are not allowed for the ship without being accompanied. The company will not be liable for damage that occurred in children in case of violation of the above.

the bags are considered luggage, travel bags, travel bags, backpacks and the like, containing personal effects of the passenger. The baggage will be allowed on board for a fee, and must only contain personal effects. For baggage exceeding the maximum dimensions of 50x30x15 cm is a surcharge to the fare at the time of transport, to be agreed in advance. Baggage, cargo and various packages are allowed on board only as a result of the passenger and boarded by the passenger. The luggage allowed on board can not be put on chairs, armchairs or so as to cause obstruction to passengers. Packages containing no personal effects of the passengers, especially if bulky, will be boarded only in the event of a seat on availability, provided that there are no impediments of a technical nature, at the discretion of border control. The Porter service is optional and the proceeds are paid directly by the passenger. The luggage allowed on board are not kept; will assist the passenger watch them and keep them boarding, during navigation and landing.
Passengers who were to introduce onboard substances or illegal detention objects will be liable to the Company for damages, fines and penalties that were to endure as a result of this introduction. The Company is only liable, within legal limits, for the valuables delivered, against a receipt, to the command. The Company is not liable for valuables, jewelery, money or anything else left in the local municipalities on board the ship. In any case, it is still the claimant to establish the extent of the loss or damage suffered as well as the fact that such loss or damage occurred during transport.

Unless otherwise required by law, it is allowed the transport of dogs, cats and other small live domestic animals accompanying passengers and against the appropriate fee paid; Animals should only be kept outdoors passenger lounges and in conditions that do not cause harm or discomfort to passengers. No animal can be introduced in the halls and rooms for passengers, except guide dogs for the blind. The dogs must be muzzled and leash. Cats or other pets must be transported in crates or baskets by their owners. The nourishment of animals is carried out by the owners.
For pets traveling as a result passengers are required the following documents: medical or veterinary certificate valid stating that the animal is not suffering from diseases and, in particular for dogs, which was subjected to anti-rabies vaccination. Such documentation can be requested at the time of issuance of the relevant ticket or by the crew.

departure times and arrival of the ship, the itinerary of the same, are subject to change without notice for adverse weather conditions, or for technical reasons or due to force majeure. The Company also reserves the right to suppress the races for the same reasons, in this case the bigliettonon used will rimborsatoentro 7 working days by the Office that issued it, but nothing will be up to the passenger. Passengers are nevertheless required to seek confirmation of its routes and schedules, making sure, before departure to be no changes relating to the ship and at time confirmed on the passage; In this case, the passenger may request the Company to be able to start if there is availability of seats, with the following travel or can not travel against the refund of the unused ticket price will only be made by the Office of issue. No further compensation or damages, plus reimbursement of one ticket, will be paid by the Company regardless of the cause determining the termination or modification of the trip.

E ‘strictly prohibited aboard white weapons and firearms, ammunition, explosives, fuel or other dangerous substances.

From embarkation on board until disembarkation each passenger is obliged to respect the instructions given by the crew and by posted notices. Passengers must remain seated during the crossing and mooring and unmooring, and maintain a behavior that does not compromise the safety of navigation.

The passenger is liable for all damages caused directly by him, or by a person or animal in their custody, the ship, its furnishings, the appliances and accessories, equipment, other passengers, baggage, to employees of the Company or to auxiliaries, third parties and to the payment of penalties, fines, fines and / or costs to which the Company has made to his subject.

And ‘it is forbidden to passengers to include in your luggage flammable or otherwise hazardous materials, contraband, carrying letters and parcels subject to postal taxation, kinds of deprivation of the State, or otherwise be forbidden to export, introduce in the halls of floating objects that may cause boredom or disturbance to passengers, lay on sofas, open or close the windows without turning to the crew. The non-observance of the above prohibitions passengers are responsible to the competent authorities and to the company, which reserves the right to request compensation for any damages, fines and penalties which could derive. Passengers are obliged to make good any damage caused to the vessel and the vessels on board.

The passenger, upon boarding, is obliged to show the crew the title travel. Timetables and routes set out in the brochures may be subject to change. Before going to board, passengers are advised to check timetables and itineraries of the chosen trip at the office or the Company ticket offices. The Company is not liable to sudden changes, due to force majeure, hindrance to the ship or other justified reasons. Passengers are not allowed to bring on board the ship weapons of any kind. In the event that, during loading or while browsing is established that a passenger holds weapons or at least to appear in conditions (due to illness, drunkenness or other reasons) which may represent danger to themselves or to others, the ship’s commander It will adopt the measures provided by the law. The passenger, from embarkation to disembarkation, undertakes to comply with the instructions issued by the control board.

passengers with bookings must embark 20 min. before departure; if it does not void the reservation and the right to board;

renunciation of the journey by the customer does not give right to a refund;

the transport of passengers and luggage will be carried in the passenger’s risk. The Company disclaims any responsibility to persons and property, or theft of any kind. Well no responsibility can be attributed to the company for higher costs due to delays or omissions of races due to technical reasons or force majeure. Schedules and travel conditions, prices, may be modified without notice;

They may be made in writing to the headquarters of the shipping company within 60 days .;

any injuries must be promptly communicated to the Command of the ship on board of which is made the journey.

This Regulation shall be affixed to the appropriate knowledge of the public, on the premises of each agency of the Company and in the rooms on board for passengers.

The Company reserves the right to supplement or modify at any time the conditions that govern the user relationship. Related communications will be validly made by the Company through advertisements, published at the offices and ticket offices of the Company and to the Commands board and will enter into force at the date therein.

for any dispute arising interpretation of this contract of carriage, the place of jurisdiction is to LATINA.

Recorded in Latin at nr. 6563 3 Series.